Thinking in Online Poker

The levels of thinking in online poker are the same as the level of thinking in playing it hands on. Most players will consider their cards first because it doesn’t take very long to realize that you’re starting with a big pocket pair or to determine how horrid your hand really is. There are other poker players who appear not to be so indifferent when you first look at times. There are some beginners that only consider their cards and not much else in the game. The skillful online poker players are the ones that are thinking about a few other levels. It’s difficult to succeed in this game if you don’t think on another level anyways.

If you find that you are playing a highly skilled opponent, then it’s probably because he is thinking about the hand that you’ve been dealt and not only his own. This is referred to as a second level of thinking, and if he is also thinking about what you think he has then it is referred to as a third level of thinking. These are all conclusions that he has based off of his own assessment.

Various Levels of Thinking

To get beyond your cards it is necessary that you are thinking about your opponents in the game and the situation that you have been faced with. The basic levels of thinking are as follows: What are my cards? What do my opponents have? What do they think that I have? What do they think I think they have? The questions go on. You will only find a certain amount of players who can think this deeply during the game. This marks a more mature page of the game, and usually the best players are the ones who will recognize if the opponents even have the ability to think that way.

In order to play as someone with enough experience you need to be able to adjust your strategy according to your situation. This is what separates the bad players from the good players – it being able to identify the level at which the opponent things, and on which he is playing. They then will need to adjust how they play. Even if you’re aware that your opponent is starting out with a large pocket pair you can play against them with an edge. Let’s supposed this, you can call before the flop if you know that your opponent is going to continue calling with high hands because they don’t come around that often. Know when to fold and when to hold!

If your opponent is reading you the same way that you are reading him or her, then you can take whatever step you need to plant a different seed inside of their mind. You can play it off as if you really don’t have a high hand – it’s up to you and how you deal with that psychology. To be quite honest, the actual hand that you have is of little importance. You have the ability to convince your opponent that you have a huge hand, you can raise or you can bet and secure them almost to the extent that you convince yourself.

Thinking and Time

If you are a beginning player to online poker you don’t necessarily have to absorb all of this in before you play for the first few times. This is definitely going to take some time to learn and if you come to the realization that your opponent is thinking about you then you are actually the one who has the upper hand because you can make them believe whatever you want. It’s a big plus if you can learn this as a beginner. Jus know that you should always be thinking one level deeper and higher than your opponent. If their main thought is about their cards, it is necessary for you to think more and if they are not capable of going to that next level you should represent anything different. Your game will improve immensely if you are constantly on your toes thinking about everyone at the table, the way that they bet and how quickly you can make the next move to get one step ahead.

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