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OFC Poker Strategy: the Bottom Hand is not Everything

With Open Face Chinese Poker gaining momentum, poker players who have already discovered the game and learned the rules are taking the next step – mastering the OFC strategy. However, while the resources on the subject are pretty scarce, most of the players are learning from their own experience.

The major mistake made by most amateur players is concentrating too much on the bottom hand and misjudging the importance of the middle and the top hands. Yes, making one’s bottom hand the strongest out of all three is of the highest importance in order not to foul, but in some cases it is vital to make unusual decisions to make the hand profitable.

Of course, placing QQ or higher on top is a common move, but when it comes to Open Face Chinese strategy, playing middle and top hands needs a bit more thought to be put into that. For instance, if you have a flush draw with four spades in the back, putting the fifth spade as soon as you get it is not always a smart move. Especially if your opponent already has a stronger hand like a full house in the back.

In this case you should consider alternative options. For example, if you have {6x} {5x} in the middle and your opponent has {4x} {4x} as their middle hand and you receive {6s} – it would be a much starter decision to play it in the middle rather than completing your flush in the back. You would most likely still have some spades left in the deck and a pair of sixes in the middle would put you in front.

This is just one example of how you may benefit from making unusual decisions. Although it appears simple – it represents the basic idea of how strategy patterns work in Open Face Chinese. The advice would be to conciser as many options as possible and not always go for an easy answer.

Now that you already know some tricks you can go on and test them playing OFC online. There are actually a few places for that with the most appealing one looking to be Tonybet Poker. The site offers Open Face poker only which indicates the site’s dedication to the game.

Tonybet poker has all four game variations including the most popular Pineapple as well as Turbo, Classic and Regular. They also have an Android app which allows you to enjoy the game on the go.

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Learn to play Texas Hold’em

poker cards onlinePoker is an amazing game requiring a variety of skills and of course luck. If you don’t know how to play poker, here are the poker rules.

I usually play No Limit Texas Hold’em which means that at any given time you can put your entire stack on the line whether there is 20 or 20,000 chips in the pot. There are also fixed-limit and pot-limit variations of poker where the maximum you can bet is either fixed or limited by the size of the current pot. Pretty simple, right?

In Texas Hold’em everyone receives two hole cards. Followed by rounds of betting there will be 5 community cards revealed. Your (as everyone else’s) goal is either to make the best five – card combination by the showdown or make everybody else fold through aggression.

The best starting hands are high pocket pairs, KK and AA and high suited connectors like AK. The worst are 72 off suit and 83 off suit because they don’t have the potential to make a straight or a flush and even if you make a pair it’s rarely good enough to win the point at the showdown. But of course, if you don’t plan to show your cards, any set of cards can be good enough to bluff your opponent off their hand. Just learn when to stop and when to fire again.

The first betting round

OK, you get your cards. The first round of betting begins. Players in the Small Blind and Big Blind positions are forced to put in their first bets (half of a big blind and a whole big blind consequently). Every other player at the table can make a decision between folding, putting in a minimum of a big blind (limping) or raise. The round closes when everyone that decided to play has put in the same amount of chips.

Let’s say, it’s a six-handed 2/5 game.

• Small Blind puts in 2

• Big Blind puts in 5

3 players folds

Button with JJ raises to 10

• Small Blind calls 8 with AQ

• Big Blind Folds

The second and third rounds – Flop and Turn

Once everyone has posted an equal amount of chips (money), the betting round is over and three community cards are revealed. It’s called Flop. The Turn and the River each reveal one additional card. After each of the streets (Flop, Turn and River) there is a betting round. Every street begins from the player in the Small Blind position.

The fourth round – River

After the betting round that followed Turn is over the last community card is revealed and the last betting round begins. If no one bets or a bet is called by at least one other player, players go to a showdown where they reveal their cards and the best 5 card combination wins and takes all the money.

If you play a live NL Texas Hold’em tournament like at the WSOP, make sure to ask the dealer whether you have to show your cards. Even though you have reached the showdown, if you are the last to act and see that opponent has you beat, Texas hold’em rules may allow you simply much your cards without revealing the information to the rest of the table.

online poker chipsAll-in

The power of No Limit Hold’em is the ability to bet any amount at any time. Moreover, you can go all-in at any time. If it’s too pricey for your opponent to call, he will fold. And in a tournament, risking your tournament life screams strength so you often will get others to fold.

Playing online poker is not only about knowing texas hold’em rules. You have to learn to control yourself when the hand doesn’t go your way, learn to read your opponents and develop filter-like ability to see what hand is your opponent  most likely to have after he played all three streets in this particular way. The more you play poker, the more layers of it you will get familiar with and only time spent playing and learning will determine how successful you will be in the end.