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Farkle Rules and Strategy Tips

Farkle is one of the lesser known casino games but those who have been introduced to it find it one of the most enjoyable dice games to play. However, farkle rules are a little complicated which could be one reason why it has not taken off in popularity compared with dice games like craps. In addition, there are also slight rule variations depending on the various casinos hosting the game. But here is an overview of how to play Farkle.

Farkle is played with six dice and at least two players. The goal of the game is to be the first player to get to 10,000 points. At the start of each turn, a player throws the dice. He or she can score the dice and end the turn or score some dice and throw the rest again. The player can throw up to six times but for every throw will have to put aside at least one die.

The player earns points for every 1 and 5 that comes up as well when there is three of a kind. A one is worth one hundred points and a five, fifty points. If you hit three dice with the same value, you score that number times one hundred. For example, if you roll three 2s, you score 200 points, if you roll three 4s you get four hundred. However, if you get three 1s, you earn one thousand points. The player chooses when to end their turn.

In some Farkle games, other scoring combinations include three pairs (500 points), straight (rolling six dice with straight values from one to six, 1,500 points), and four, five and six of a kind (multipliers of the score you get for three of a kind; for example, if you roll four sixes, your score is 600 times two or 1,200 points).

However, if a player should roll a non-winning combination during a turn, their turn ends and they lose all the points they’ve won during it. To illustrate, let’s say the following combination comes up during your first throw: 1-1-2-4-4-5. You score the ones and the five to earn two hundred and fifty points, and throw the dice with the two fours and the two again. If the combination that comes up is 4-4-6, you not only end your turn, you lose the 250 points.

In addition, you cannot combine dice from two throws to make a combination. For example if you keep two 1s from a throw and then get another 1 on your next throw, you cannot combine them into three 1s to get one thousand points.

If a player is lucky enough to get all scoring dice on his first throw, the player not only gets the points but also starts his turn over by throwing the six dice again. This score is known as “hot dice”. For example, if you throw 1-1-1-5-5-5, you score one thousand five hundred points and you get to throw all six again. Since this throw is considered part of a new turn, you will not lose the one thousand five hundred points should you roll a Farkle.

When you are playing Farkle on a casino site, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with their particular farkle rules. Although the basic rules stay the same, they may have scoring variations that can help you boost your points. For example, in some online games, rolling a four of a kind doubles your points. They may also have different scoring combinations which will determine which dice you keep and which you throw again. farkle rules


Farkle Strategy Tips

Since Farkle relies so much on luck, an important part of the strategy is deciding which dice to keep and which to throw again. Here are some tips that can help you make that decision:

  • Don’t end your turn until you have scored at least 500 points. While you will probably Farkle more often, you will also earn higher points which will average things out. For example, it is better to earn 2,000 points in one turn than 400 points in three turns.
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  • Don’t hesitate to sacrifice point-scoring dice for the opportunity to earn higher points. For example, if you have two fives, instead of keeping them both, score one and put back the other one since this will give you more dice to throw and increase your chances of getting a high-scoring combination. Or if you have a one and a five, keep the one since it has the higher point count and put back the five.
  • Consider putting back low scoring triples to give yourself more dice for your next re-roll. For example, if you roll three 2s, consider putting them back for the chance to roll a higher combination.
  • Don’t ride out a winning streak. If every roll in your turn gives you a winning combination stop, if you already have a high score rather than risk rolling a Farkle. For example, if you already have 2,000 points, and there are only two dice left, why risk a Farkle for the chance to earn a maximum two hundred points (if you roll two ones)? And in general, if you have only one or two dice left, end your turn rather than risk rolling a Farkle with them.
  • If you have three dice left, roll them only if you have a low score; otherwise, stop if you have already scored 500 or higher.
  • If you are falling behind the other players, then it is advisable to play a more aggressive game in order to catch up, On the other hand, if you are ahead then you should play conservatively in order to maintain your lead.
  • Leave points behind only if you plan to roll again; otherwise, score all of the dice and end your turn
  • If the farkle rules that you are playing with penalize you if you roll three Farkles in a row don’t follow the five-hundred rule. For example, if you have already rolled two Farkles in your past two turns, stop even if your score is less than three hundred and you have only three dice to re-roll.