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Thinking in Online Poker

The levels of thinking in online poker are the same as the level of thinking in playing it hands on. Most players will consider their cards first because it doesn’t take very long to realize that you’re starting with a big pocket pair or to determine how horrid your hand really is. There are other poker players who appear not to be so indifferent when you first look at times. There are some beginners that only consider their cards and not much else in the game. The skillful online poker players are the ones that are thinking about a few other levels. It’s difficult to succeed in this game if you don’t think on another level anyways.

If you find that you are playing a highly skilled opponent, then it’s probably because he is thinking about the hand that you’ve been dealt and not only his own. This is referred to as a second level of thinking, and if he is also thinking about what you think he has then it is referred to as a third level of thinking. These are all conclusions that he has based off of his own assessment.

Various Levels of Thinking

To get beyond your cards it is necessary that you are thinking about your opponents in the game and the situation that you have been faced with. The basic levels of thinking are as follows: What are my cards? What do my opponents have? What do they think that I have? What do they think I think they have? The questions go on. You will only find a certain amount of players who can think this deeply during the game. This marks a more mature page of the game, and usually the best players are the ones who will recognize if the opponents even have the ability to think that way.

In order to play as someone with enough experience you need to be able to adjust your strategy according to your situation. This is what separates the bad players from the good players – it being able to identify the level at which the opponent things, and on which he is playing. They then will need to adjust how they play. Even if you’re aware that your opponent is starting out with a large pocket pair you can play against them with an edge. Let’s supposed this, you can call before the flop if you know that your opponent is going to continue calling with high hands because they don’t come around that often. Know when to fold and when to hold!

If your opponent is reading you the same way that you are reading him or her, then you can take whatever step you need to plant a different seed inside of their mind. You can play it off as if you really don’t have a high hand – it’s up to you and how you deal with that psychology. To be quite honest, the actual hand that you have is of little importance. You have the ability to convince your opponent that you have a huge hand, you can raise or you can bet and secure them almost to the extent that you convince yourself.

Thinking and Time

If you are a beginning player to online poker you don’t necessarily have to absorb all of this in before you play for the first few times. This is definitely going to take some time to learn and if you come to the realization that your opponent is thinking about you then you are actually the one who has the upper hand because you can make them believe whatever you want. It’s a big plus if you can learn this as a beginner. Jus know that you should always be thinking one level deeper and higher than your opponent. If their main thought is about their cards, it is necessary for you to think more and if they are not capable of going to that next level you should represent anything different. Your game will improve immensely if you are constantly on your toes thinking about everyone at the table, the way that they bet and how quickly you can make the next move to get one step ahead.

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How to Win at Slot Games

Slot games are very popular at casinos because they are fun to play and easy to learn. However, slot machines can make you lose all of your money if you don’t play carefully. Only a few people win the jackpot at slot machines. Most people who play slots end up losing their money. If you have been playing slots for a while and you can’t seem to win, then this guide may be able to help you. Continue reading to learn some tips on how you can win at slots.

Understand How a Slot Machine Works

The first thing that you need to do in order to win at slots is to understand how a slot machine works. Slot machines use electronic random number generators (RNG) to determine the outcome of a game. Therefore, each outcome is completely random. There is no pattern in the outcomes of a game. A lot of people lose money at slots because they try to form a pattern and believe that they will eventually win the jackpot if they keep playing.

Examine the Pay Table

Before you start playing with a slot machine, make sure that you examine the pay table first. The pay table is a list of winning combinations and the amount of coins or points that each combination pays. You must also understand how many coins you must play in order to win the jackpot. A lot of people fail to win the jackpot because they did not play enough coins on slot machines. Playing with fewer coins usually gets you nothing, while playing with more coins gives you a higher chance of winning.

Learn Strategies for Winning Slot Games

You will need strategies in order to win at slots. One strategy is to compare the payouts of each slot machine and then choose the slot machines that award the best payouts per coins spent. For instance, if you need to spend three quarters on Machine One to win the jackpot, while Machine Two requires one coin to win the jackpot, then Machine Two is the better choice.

The “Hit and Run” strategy is another good strategy to use when playing slots. The “Hit and Run” strategy means that you should stop playing once you have already won enough tokens or coins at slots. Do not spend your winnings on another slots game. Many people lose money at slot machines because they keep playing after they won a good payout, thinking that the slot machine is ‘hot’. Remember that the machine’s RNG determines the outcome of a game. Sometimes the RNG makes you win three times in a row, sometimes it makes you lose three times in a row. If you already won three times in a row, keep your winnings and stop playing. Don’t feed your coins back to the slot machine. Greed is the most common reason why many people lose at slots.

Pay Attention to the Jackpot Bonuses

Pay attention to a slot machine’s jackpot bonuses before you start playing. If Machine One pays out $1,000 on 1 coin, $2,000 on 2 coins, and $5,000 on 3 coins, then it is best to play 3 coins at a time. Some slot machines don’t have jackpot bonuses (e.g. 3 coins pay out $3,000). If this is the case, then play only 1 coin at a time.

Set a Budget

Before you play slots, set a budget for playing and make sure that you stick to it. Decide how many coins you want to gamble for each session. Once you have reached your limit, stop playing the game for the day and play on another day. For instance, if your limit is 30 coins, stop playing after you have played 30 coins. If you have earned some money for playing slots, keep your winnings and enjoy it. Don’t spend your winnings on another slot machine.

Hopefully, this guide will be able to help you win at slots. A lot of people win at slot machines, but they lose in the end because they got greedy. These tips will not make you hit the jackpot or make you win at slot machines all the time, but they can help increase your chances of winning some extra cash.

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OFC Poker Strategy: the Bottom Hand is not Everything

With Open Face Chinese Poker gaining momentum, poker players who have already discovered the game and learned the rules are taking the next step – mastering the OFC strategy. However, while the resources on the subject are pretty scarce, most of the players are learning from their own experience.

The major mistake made by most amateur players is concentrating too much on the bottom hand and misjudging the importance of the middle and the top hands. Yes, making one’s bottom hand the strongest out of all three is of the highest importance in order not to foul, but in some cases it is vital to make unusual decisions to make the hand profitable.

Of course, placing QQ or higher on top is a common move, but when it comes to Open Face Chinese strategy, playing middle and top hands needs a bit more thought to be put into that. For instance, if you have a flush draw with four spades in the back, putting the fifth spade as soon as you get it is not always a smart move. Especially if your opponent already has a stronger hand like a full house in the back.

In this case you should consider alternative options. For example, if you have {6x} {5x} in the middle and your opponent has {4x} {4x} as their middle hand and you receive {6s} – it would be a much starter decision to play it in the middle rather than completing your flush in the back. You would most likely still have some spades left in the deck and a pair of sixes in the middle would put you in front.

This is just one example of how you may benefit from making unusual decisions. Although it appears simple – it represents the basic idea of how strategy patterns work in Open Face Chinese. The advice would be to conciser as many options as possible and not always go for an easy answer.

Now that you already know some tricks you can go on and test them playing OFC online. There are actually a few places for that with the most appealing one looking to be Tonybet Poker. The site offers Open Face poker only which indicates the site’s dedication to the game.

Tonybet poker has all four game variations including the most popular Pineapple as well as Turbo, Classic and Regular. They also have an Android app which allows you to enjoy the game on the go.

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Farkle Rules and Strategy Tips

Farkle is one of the lesser known casino games but those who have been introduced to it find it one of the most enjoyable dice games to play. However, farkle rules are a little complicated which could be one reason why it has not taken off in popularity compared with dice games like craps. In addition, there are also slight rule variations depending on the various casinos hosting the game. But here is an overview of how to play Farkle.

Farkle is played with six dice and at least two players. The goal of the game is to be the first player to get to 10,000 points. At the start of each turn, a player throws the dice. He or she can score the dice and end the turn or score some dice and throw the rest again. The player can throw up to six times but for every throw will have to put aside at least one die.

The player earns points for every 1 and 5 that comes up as well when there is three of a kind. A one is worth one hundred points and a five, fifty points. If you hit three dice with the same value, you score that number times one hundred. For example, if you roll three 2s, you score 200 points, if you roll three 4s you get four hundred. However, if you get three 1s, you earn one thousand points. The player chooses when to end their turn.

In some Farkle games, other scoring combinations include three pairs (500 points), straight (rolling six dice with straight values from one to six, 1,500 points), and four, five and six of a kind (multipliers of the score you get for three of a kind; for example, if you roll four sixes, your score is 600 times two or 1,200 points).

However, if a player should roll a non-winning combination during a turn, their turn ends and they lose all the points they’ve won during it. To illustrate, let’s say the following combination comes up during your first throw: 1-1-2-4-4-5. You score the ones and the five to earn two hundred and fifty points, and throw the dice with the two fours and the two again. If the combination that comes up is 4-4-6, you not only end your turn, you lose the 250 points.

In addition, you cannot combine dice from two throws to make a combination. For example if you keep two 1s from a throw and then get another 1 on your next throw, you cannot combine them into three 1s to get one thousand points.

If a player is lucky enough to get all scoring dice on his first throw, the player not only gets the points but also starts his turn over by throwing the six dice again. This score is known as “hot dice”. For example, if you throw 1-1-1-5-5-5, you score one thousand five hundred points and you get to throw all six again. Since this throw is considered part of a new turn, you will not lose the one thousand five hundred points should you roll a Farkle.

When you are playing Farkle on a casino site, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with their particular farkle rules. Although the basic rules stay the same, they may have scoring variations that can help you boost your points. For example, in some online games, rolling a four of a kind doubles your points. They may also have different scoring combinations which will determine which dice you keep and which you throw again. farkle rules


Farkle Strategy Tips

Since Farkle relies so much on luck, an important part of the strategy is deciding which dice to keep and which to throw again. Here are some tips that can help you make that decision:

  • Don’t end your turn until you have scored at least 500 points. While you will probably Farkle more often, you will also earn higher points which will average things out. For example, it is better to earn 2,000 points in one turn than 400 points in three turns.
  • StarGames Casino offers the best farkle experience online.
  • Don’t hesitate to sacrifice point-scoring dice for the opportunity to earn higher points. For example, if you have two fives, instead of keeping them both, score one and put back the other one since this will give you more dice to throw and increase your chances of getting a high-scoring combination. Or if you have a one and a five, keep the one since it has the higher point count and put back the five.
  • Consider putting back low scoring triples to give yourself more dice for your next re-roll. For example, if you roll three 2s, consider putting them back for the chance to roll a higher combination.
  • Don’t ride out a winning streak. If every roll in your turn gives you a winning combination stop, if you already have a high score rather than risk rolling a Farkle. For example, if you already have 2,000 points, and there are only two dice left, why risk a Farkle for the chance to earn a maximum two hundred points (if you roll two ones)? And in general, if you have only one or two dice left, end your turn rather than risk rolling a Farkle with them.
  • If you have three dice left, roll them only if you have a low score; otherwise, stop if you have already scored 500 or higher.
  • If you are falling behind the other players, then it is advisable to play a more aggressive game in order to catch up, On the other hand, if you are ahead then you should play conservatively in order to maintain your lead.
  • Leave points behind only if you plan to roll again; otherwise, score all of the dice and end your turn
  • If the farkle rules that you are playing with penalize you if you roll three Farkles in a row don’t follow the five-hundred rule. For example, if you have already rolled two Farkles in your past two turns, stop even if your score is less than three hundred and you have only three dice to re-roll.
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Learn to play Texas Hold’em

poker cards onlinePoker is an amazing game requiring a variety of skills and of course luck. If you don’t know how to play poker, here are the poker rules.

I usually play No Limit Texas Hold’em which means that at any given time you can put your entire stack on the line whether there is 20 or 20,000 chips in the pot. There are also fixed-limit and pot-limit variations of poker where the maximum you can bet is either fixed or limited by the size of the current pot. Pretty simple, right?

In Texas Hold’em everyone receives two hole cards. Followed by rounds of betting there will be 5 community cards revealed. Your (as everyone else’s) goal is either to make the best five – card combination by the showdown or make everybody else fold through aggression.

The best starting hands are high pocket pairs, KK and AA and high suited connectors like AK. The worst are 72 off suit and 83 off suit because they don’t have the potential to make a straight or a flush and even if you make a pair it’s rarely good enough to win the point at the showdown. But of course, if you don’t plan to show your cards, any set of cards can be good enough to bluff your opponent off their hand. Just learn when to stop and when to fire again.

The first betting round

OK, you get your cards. The first round of betting begins. Players in the Small Blind and Big Blind positions are forced to put in their first bets (half of a big blind and a whole big blind consequently). Every other player at the table can make a decision between folding, putting in a minimum of a big blind (limping) or raise. The round closes when everyone that decided to play has put in the same amount of chips.

Let’s say, it’s a six-handed 2/5 game.

• Small Blind puts in 2

• Big Blind puts in 5

3 players folds

Button with JJ raises to 10

• Small Blind calls 8 with AQ

• Big Blind Folds

The second and third rounds – Flop and Turn

Once everyone has posted an equal amount of chips (money), the betting round is over and three community cards are revealed. It’s called Flop. The Turn and the River each reveal one additional card. After each of the streets (Flop, Turn and River) there is a betting round. Every street begins from the player in the Small Blind position.

The fourth round – River

After the betting round that followed Turn is over the last community card is revealed and the last betting round begins. If no one bets or a bet is called by at least one other player, players go to a showdown where they reveal their cards and the best 5 card combination wins and takes all the money.

If you play a live NL Texas Hold’em tournament like at the WSOP, make sure to ask the dealer whether you have to show your cards. Even though you have reached the showdown, if you are the last to act and see that opponent has you beat, Texas hold’em rules may allow you simply much your cards without revealing the information to the rest of the table.

online poker chipsAll-in

The power of No Limit Hold’em is the ability to bet any amount at any time. Moreover, you can go all-in at any time. If it’s too pricey for your opponent to call, he will fold. And in a tournament, risking your tournament life screams strength so you often will get others to fold.

Playing online poker is not only about knowing texas hold’em rules. You have to learn to control yourself when the hand doesn’t go your way, learn to read your opponents and develop filter-like ability to see what hand is your opponent  most likely to have after he played all three streets in this particular way. The more you play poker, the more layers of it you will get familiar with and only time spent playing and learning will determine how successful you will be in the end.

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How to Play Free Slots

free slots Slots games are probably the most popular fare in casinos. Playing slots at casinos is a very fun activity, but it can cause you to lose a lot of money if you are not careful. If you are new to slot machine games, it is best to practice with free slots first before you start gambling your money at real slots. There are plenty of ways to play slots games for free. Read this guide to learn how you can play slots for free without spending real money.

Search the Internet

There are plenty of casino websites on the internet that offer free slot machine games. To find these websites, go to a search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo) and then search “free slot games”. Hundreds of websites that offer free slot games should appear on the search results. Choose a website from the list to start playing slots for free. The best websites are usually the ones of the top of the search results. Some websites may require you to sign up before you can start playing their games. Practice playing slots on free websites before you start playing real slots at casinos or casino websites.

Play for Prizes

Look for websites that allow you to win prizes by playing slots, such as Pogo and IWON!. These websites will help teach you how to save and manage your money while playing slots. Try to save up as much coins or tokens as you can while playing slots for free on these websites. Play on different websites with different themes of slot machines. Try to master them all by saving lots of coins. If you are able to save lots of coins or tokens while playing on these free slots websites, then you can try playing slots with real money. Some websites allow you to cash in your coins/tokens for real prizes like cash and gift cards.

Visit Las Vegas

If you don’t like playing slots on your computer and prefer the real thing, then you should visit Las Vegas and play real slot machines at real casinos. Not all of the slot machines in Las Vegas are “Pay to Play”. There are plenty of casinos in Las Vegas that offer free slot machines. At most casinos, you will need to be a member of their player’s club before you can play on their free slots machines. Most players’ clubs are free to join. After you have joined a casino’s player’s club, you will receive one or more free spins on their slot machines. Some casinos also offer free chips or tokens to new club members that you can use for playing slots. If you are good at other casino games, you can use your free chips at other casino games, win additional chips, and then use your extra chips to play slots.

playing free slotsVisit Atlantic City

Atlantic City, New Jersey also has plenty of casinos where you can play slots. This city does not have as many casinos as Las Vegas, but there are still plenty to choose from. Not all of the casinos in Atlantic City offer free slot machines, but you should still be able to find a few. Try walking along the boardwalk and you should see casinos with free slot machines near the entrance. These casinos usually have a sign or an employee who invites people to try out their free slot machines. The free slot machines are usually real slot machines that may allow you to win the grand prize if you are lucky.

Check your Local Casinos

You don’t really need to fly or drive to Las Vegas or Atlantic City in order to play slot machines for free. Check the local casinos in your city if they are offering any free slot machines or promos that will allow you to play for free. To find local casinos in your city, go to a search engine and then search “casinos in [insert name of your city here]”. The search results should display a list of casinos in your city and their contact numbers. Give them a call and then ask if they have any free slot machines or player’s club that will allow you to play a few slots games for free.

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Money Management Techniques You Must Use When Playing Online Slots

slots online If you’ve ever played online slots, then you know how thrilling this fast-paced game can be. Unfortunately, it is also addictive and it can be very easy to lose a lot of money if you don’t know how to play intelligently. Even if you are just a casual slots gamer who plays for fun rather than a more serious one who is trying to beat the odds, it helps to know how to play the correct way so that you can not only maximize your enjoyment but also hopefully increase your chances of winning.

The first step is to start learning good money management skills. The goal of money management is to be able to use your gaming bankroll in such a way that you can maximize it to be able to play for the longest time possible, when the odds might suddenly turn in your favor and you begin to win more than you lose. The two pillars of bankroll management are setting win goals and loss stops. For example, you decide that your win goal is $100 and that when you win this amount you will stop playing. While this might potentially limit your wins it will surely also limit your losses, which is the more important objective. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of a winning streak you are on, it will eventually turn against you so it is better to walk away with some winnings rather than logging off after having lost your entire playing bankroll.

The same principle goes for loss stops. When you lose a certain amount of money, for example $50, you stop playing. One of the worst things a player can do is to chase their losses, meaning continue to play when they are on a losing streak in the hope that it will eventually break and they will start winning again. It very rarely happens that way and the smartest thing is always to walk away before your bankroll is completely depleted.

online slotsYou should also set bet limits. This means that you will only bet a certain amount of money per wager, no matter what, and stick to it. For example, you decide that you will bet no more than one coin per payline. While many gamblers will tell you that you should always maximize the amount of money you play, particularly in big-payoff games like progressive jackpots, you should always remember that the odds are never in your favor when you are playing slot games. It is better to gamble a controlled amount and win a little than to risk it all on a single bet and walk away with nothing. Another thing to remember: the more you play, the higher the chances that you will eventually start to win. So play smart and manage your bankroll rather than trying to be a high roller.

In order to help you stick to your money management strategies, you can keep a journal in which you list your winnings and losses as well as the loss stops and win goals that you’ve set.  This will encourage you since you can see how effective your strategy is in helping limit your losses while accumulating small wins that add up over time.

Another way that you can stretch your bankroll is by availing of online casino bonuses. These bonuses are provided as incentive to new players so they’ll establish an account with a particular gaming site. The most common type of bonus offered are matching bonuses in which the online casino matches the amount of your first deposit into your playing account, up to a certain percentage or amount. For example, if you deposit $150 into your account, if the casino matches your money 100% then you have $300 to play online slots with. However, you cannot cash out the bonus until you have played it a certain number of times. For example, if the amount of the bonus is $150 and there is a 20X playing requirement, you will have to play $150 twenty times or $3,000. Once you have met this condition, you can cash out the bonus. Of course any winnings also belong to you and you can cash them out as well.


Understanding These Basic Slots Concepts Can Help Increase Your Winnings


Slots are some of the most popular online games at casino sites because they’re deceptively easy to play. After all, what could be simpler than to click on the Spin button and wait to see if you’ve won? However, you can improve your gameplay, and hopefully increase your chances of winning, no matter how slightly by understanding some of the terms involved.

One of these important terms is ‘payline’. In traditional slot machines, it was easy to know when you won the jackpot; you simply saw three symbols lined up in a row. With the advent of digital slot games, however, it became possible to create more winning combinations, and so the concept of the payline was born. A payline is simply a winning combination of symbols. If a slot game, for example, says that it has nine lines, that means there are nine possible winning combinations that you can hit. In order to win a payline, however, you have to put a bet on it. You can bet any number of paylines, but each one requires its own bet.

The important thing to understand about paylines is that the symbols do not have to be lined up in a single straight line. A winning payline, for example, can be a diagonal line of symbols, or can be a zig-zagging line. While this may seem like it makes it harder to achieve a winning combination, it can actually increase your chances of winning.

For multi-payline slots games, the obvious strategy is to bet on as many of the paylines offered as possible in order to increase your chances of winning. However, this can be expensive and there is no guarantee that you will win enough to make it worth the bet. But one way you can hedge your bets is by making the amount of your bets smaller. Some games may allow you to bet as little as a penny per payline; however, the consequence of this is that the payout is correspondingly smaller if you hit a payline. But the upside is that you can play for longer and hopefully, win more often than you lose. In addition, certain paylines may trigger bonus rounds which can win you additional prizes or free spins.

One advantageous thing about free spins is that they take the same amount and the same number of paylines that you’ve bet on the previous spin and use that as the basis for the amount wagered. Thus, if you bet 27 coins on nine paylines, the machine will also bet the same amount on the free spin without you actually having to bet any coins, and if you are lucky enough to win on a payline, those winnings are yours free and clear, and you can cash them out or roll them over and bet again.

Another slots concept that many people are unfamiliar with is the ‘paytable’. The paytable basically describes what particular symbols are worth and which ones have special functions such as ‘wilds’ and ‘scatters’ as well as what particular combinations are worth. Wild symbols can substitute for any symbol and can complete a winning combination when they appear while scatter symbols can act as multipliers that will increase the amount of your winnings. You can access the paytable by clicking on the Paytable button if one is available or by using the Help button.

One important thing to remember about paytables is that they are not uniform but vary from game to game, so before playing any slot game, take a few minutes to look over the paytable so you’ll know what winning combinations are available as well as what particular symbols are worth.

A third vital concept for slots players is the progressive jackpot. In an offline casino, what this basically means is that there is a line of slot machines that is networked and the bets from players are pooled into one massive jackpot that you can win if you hit the winning combination. This progressive jackpot can be quite large depending on how many people have played on these machines and the amount that has accumulated. In online slot games, the jackpot can be pooled from the various games available on the site.